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Centre for Educational Research & Development

In Green Crescent Trust teachers training holds an important place in our Education Program as this affects the quality of deserving children studying at GCT schools network. CERD plays an important role in training and development of GCT schools’ teachers as well as outsource teachers training for other NGOs, nonprofit organizations and charities. The objectives of teachers training programs of GCT are as follows.

  • To make arrangements for professional and personal grooming of GCT schools teachers;
  • To provide necessary skills to teachers to make the teaching process effective;
  • To provide refresher courses on regular basis to teachers who have already completed training at CERD;
  • To monitor and evaluate the skills provided during training at school level.

Bazme Waldein

Parents Teachers Community Relations

The Program is designed to involve parents in educational activities of the school along with imparting best practices to parents in child upbringing. The objectives of the Program are as follows:

  • To gather parents at a platform for an effective and well organized discussions;
  • To link schools with the community through parents;
  • To impart parents with thought provoking teachings and religious understandings;
  • To create awareness among parents for principles of upbringing of children;
  • To guide parents for providing a healthy upbringing environment to children;
  • To resolve general problems of parents;
  • To utilize this platform for imparting religious knowledge to other aspects of community;
  • To promote Islamic values and traditions and to discourage non-Islamic practices that are gradually seeping into our societies.

Courses & Lectures

  1. Qura”an & Sunnah
  2. Your Child Needs You
  3. Understanding Child Psychology
  4. What is Education
  5. Understanding ECE
  6. Educator & Society
  7. Iqbaliat
  8. Education Managers in action
  9. Be Aware of Learning Disabilities
  10. Sincerity to Mission
  11. Effective Presentation

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Fund a Teacher's Training

PKR 6,000/-