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GCT Water Project in Tharparkar

GCT water projects protect more than 15,000 people from harshness of Tharparkar’s drought!

In the last seven years, Green Crescent Trust (GCT) with donors’ generous support has installed 44 Water Projects in 32 water-starved villages of District Tharparkar.

Recently, GCT conducted a survey to assess the impact and effectiveness of GCT water projects in the midst of recent drought in Tharparkar. We are pleased to share that GCT water projects are providing the basic necessity of life (water) to more than 15,000 people of drought stricken Thar and protecting them from the drought situation. Out of the total water projects only 3 projects due to technical faults (will be repaired shortly) are non-operational, otherwise, rest of the projects are working properly.

The GCT water projects are also playing an important role in various development projects in these villages.

In village Ghakharch, Tehsil Diplo – the water besides being used for the construction of a mosque, is also being transferred to a nearby village through underground pipes and benefiting hundreds of more villagers.

GCT water project in Bhako Village is benefitting more than 600 people, before the installation the villagers, especially women, used to fetch water from far flung areas – walking miles under extreme heat of Thar Desert. Same was the story of villagers of Charyal Goth in Tehsil Diplo – more than 800 people are benefiting through GCT water project in the village.

Two years ago, a GCT team installed a water project in one of the Jamah Masjid of Mithi city that is benefitting numerous people. Before the installation, the Masjid’s management used to buy water for Rs. 15,000/- per month.

These and other stories are only due to GCT’s donors’ support, trust and dedicated efforts of GCT staff to bring positive change in lives of thousands of people of Tharparkar.