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Join us in our mission to end illiteracy

Fundraise for GCT

Besides all the efforts financial Limitations Constraining GCT andGCT has remained under constant pressure of scarcity of financial resources to meet its emerging development needs. 

There are various ways to support GCT’s work and have fun while you do it.

For instance

  • Arranging events with family and friends;
  • Distribution of brochures;
  • Placement of posters or X banners at a public place within your family and friends business premises;
  • And many more

Volunteer with us

You don’t have to give money to donate to GCT. We value your time and enthusiasm.

Take action

Make a difference right now. Take part in our campaigns. Follow us on to stay informed about our activities.

Go Social and promote our mission

We are present on many social networks. Add GCT to your friends, watch our videos, and be the first to hear about our actions and events. Share it with your friends and family. Make them aware of the problem of illiteracy in Pakistan and motivate them to get involved. Follow us on

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Syed Qasim Anwar
Public Relations Manager