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Hilal Public School System

Green Crescent Trust provides education to underprivileged children of Sindh through its network of Hilal Public School System. The dream of educating the deprived yet precious children of Sindh began with initiation of only one Hilal Public School and initial enrollment of only 65 students in the area of Gadap city, Karachi. It was then when GCT visualized accomplishing its mission with continuous struggle and hard work and believed in the power of creating a team which caters to every aspect of this ongoing mission. GCT believes that together we can contribute in eradicating illiteracy and minimizing the number of out-of-school children.

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Imparting Quality Education Through Formal Curriculum Based Teaching

Nurturing Moral, Social, Ideological, Spiritual And Physical Upbringing Of Students

Hygiene Awareness Among Students And Their Responsibilities Towards Environment

Arrangement Of Professional Training And Personal Grooming Of Teachers

Acquiring Assistance Of Communities For Spreading The Cause Of Education

Encouraging Participation Of Communities And Specially Parents In School Activities

Training Parents For Healthier And Moral Upbringing Of Students

Our process

With years of experience and professional human resource GCT through Hilal Public Schools System synch available resources in a community into a perfect synergy. GCT activities under Hilal Public Schools System comprise of the following:


Identification of communities and localities that are in need of schools through field surveys


Establishment of school building and infrastructure; Schools furnishing; Providing schools course material, books, uniforms, bags, stationary, shoes and other school supplies;


Providing schools course material, uniforms, and other supplies as well as providetraining and development of professional and dedicated teachers, preferably belonging to the same community

Community Support

Meetings with communities’ elders and parents for their involvement in educational process highlighting the importance of education and training; to encourage continuous educational process of children at homes with emphasis on moral upbringing of students;


Career counseling and guidance to students who graduates from Hilal Public Schools System;

Educate a child

PKR 800/- per month

Educate a child

PKR 9,600/- per annum

Open School at Rented Site

PKR 1,000,000/-

Open a Purpose-Built School

PKR 25,000,000/-

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