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Impacting Lives – Green Crescent Trust’s Water Projects

Recently, Green Crescent Trust has completed water projects in 5 villages of Tehsil Diplo, District Tharparkar, Sindh. Green Crescent Trust (GCT) is mainly involved in providing education to children in marginalized areas of Sindh with donations from our generous donors. However, due to severe problem of availability of safe drinking water to people of District Tharparkar, where GCT is also operating many schools, we do conduct water projects on an annual basis with donations from our donors.

Tharparkar, a desert area with the lowest Human Development Index among Pakistani Districts, has a population of 1.5 million people who live in more than 2,500 villages. Lack of clean drinking water is a major issue in Tharparkar, Sind. The people are forced to drink brackish water owing to which they suffer from potentially harmful waterborne diseases.

Green Crescent Trust with donation from one of our donors recently completed five “Water Projects” in following villages of Tharparkar:

  1. Goth Jhol Shareef
  2. Goth Mokryar Chara
  3. Goth Nai Ghuni
  4. Goth Sobhiar – 1
  5. Goth Sobhiar – 2

Total of 1910 people in the above 5 villages are being benefitted out of these projects. In these villages hand pumps were installed under the project. The beneficiaries of these villages previously used to fetch water from far flung rugged valleys and from deep wells with depth of more than 150 feet – adding misery to their lives. The women were burdened because of this situation as they were the ones who used to fetch water from far-flung areas. Now with completion of water projects the lives of these villagers have changed for a better.