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Muhammad Ikram

an orphan student

Muhammad Ikram’s Story

Mohammad Ikram’s parents had died in its infancy. He lived with his sister and now lives with his older brother for almost a year.

Ikram j1oined Green Crescent Trust’s Hilal Public School in Class 7 and got enrolled Orphan Support Program in 2013. Ikram was suffering from a skin disease since his childhood. He had sores and blisters on his skin and different parts of body. His skin used to rind off and this disease was so severe that it overgrew inside the mouth and tongue which affected his intake of food. His parents and guardians had his treatment in various hospitals of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi, which sometimes resulted in better and sometimes worse health. One of his sister and brother has died suffering from the same disease. In January 2014 he was regularly absent from school due to which OSP Volunteer contacted at his home and learned about his serious illness. OSP Volunteer informed the School principal regarding the situation and after consulting him, Ikram was taken to Taj Medical Complex Hospital for inspection from Skin Specialist Dr. Naseema Kapadia who further referred Ikram to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he was admitted under the observation of Dr. Maria Farooqui. After several tests, Doctors diagnosed that Ikram’s body does not have the required amount of zinc sulfate. Doctor prescribed Ikram some medicines which will provide his body the necessary amount of zinc sulfate and they suggested that Ikram will have to take these medicines for lifetime. The dose of the medicine will increase with the age and time.

This treatment showed better results and Ikram started coming to school regularly. His treatment is continued since 2014 and the medicines are provided to him every month. By the Grace of Allah SWT, and efforts of our teachers, Muhammad Ikram scored 549 out of 850 Marks in Matriculation Exams. Currently, he is enrolled in National College 1st Year Commerce. As Ikram has completed his school, he is now a drop-out of Orphan Support Program.2