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Zahid Suleman Library System (ZSLS)

at Hilal Public School, Mithi, Tharparkar

Zahid Suleman Library System

  • Zahid Suleman was part of Green Crescent Trust Tharparkar Photography Expedition
  • Zahid Suleman Library System (ZSLS) provide Library services to low fee structured schools
  • Its initiated by mother of Zahid, Mrs. Mumtaz Memon
  • Tribute to Zahid Suleman (24th January 1987 to 1st July 2015)

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ZSLS inaugural was held on Saturday, 21st November, 2015 at Hilal Public School Mithi, Tharparkar in presence of Zahid’s friends, family and GCT Director Schools, Mr. Asif Hussain Siddiqui and PR Manager, Mr. Syed Qasim Anwar.
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Zahid’s family while setting up library at Hilal Public School Mithi

Fullscreen capture 12172015 50403 PM.bmpInaugural speeches by Director Schools of GCT and family of Zahid Suleman.