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Centre for Educational Research & Development

Teacher education and development is a critical factor in improving teaching and learning process and students learning outcomes. Flaws in their skills, attitudes and behaviors can spoil the entire life of children.
Intellectually stimulated, inspiring and informed teachers are the assets of any school in particular and community in general. GCT put great importance to teachers’ education and professional development which is critical for the quality education of children. CERD plays an important role in training and development of GCT schools’ teachers as well as outsource teachers training for other NGOs, nonprofit organizations and charities.
CERD has trained more than 1400 teachers in 25 years Journey.
CERDs ultimate role is to build the capacity of teachers keeping in view the contemporary teaching and learning practices blended with Divine guidance. Envisioned; teachers and teacher educators as critical thinkers, reflective practitioners, researchers and life-long learners.
CERD enhances teachers’ professional status and self-esteem through creating a sense of professionalism, building their professional knowledge base, professional networking competence and a repertoire of skills.

Hence, CERD works in two domains;
1. Professional development of teachers and teacher educators;
2. Curriculum enrichment
3. Community mobilization
Our teachers provide mentoring not only to the schools but the community at large. The network of development and consultancy is spread over from Karachi to Northern areas of Pakistan.
CERD have regular programs and need based outsource programs as well.

Bazme Waldein

Parents Teachers Community Relations

BAzm-e-waledein is a forum for Parents and community participation to build strong relationship with GCT
The Program aims to involve parents in educational activities of the school; and imparting essential knowledge and wisdom with them which is helpful in child holistic development . The objectives of the Program are as follows:

  •  To gather parents for effective discourse
  • To impart parents with thought provoking teachings and religious understandings;
  • To create awareness among parents for child’s development;
  • To resolve general problems of parents;
  • To utilize this platform for imparting religious knowledge to other aspects of community;
  • To promote Islamic values and traditions and to discourage non-Islamic practices that are gradually seeping into our societies.

Courses & Lectures

  1. Qura”an & Sunnah
  2. Your Child Needs You
  3. Understanding Child Psychology
  4. What is Education
  5. Understanding ECE
  6. Educator & Society
  7. Iqbaliat
  8. Education Managers in action
  9. Be Aware of Learning Disabilities
  10. Sincerity to Mission
  11. Effective Presentation

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