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GCT Hilal School

GCT Hilal School is the educational project of GCT meant exclusively for the benefit of under previlieged segment of the society.

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To provide conducive learning environment.

To inculcate high moral, religious and ethical values.

To inculcate high moral, religious and ethical values.

To Impart Quality Education

To engage and get support of Communities For Spreading The Cause Of Education and encourage their participation in school activities

To make children aware about Hygiene and Their Responsibilities Towards self and Environment

Encouraging Participation Of Communities And Specially Parents In School Activities

To develop children’s self-esteem, confidence and belief in themselves. As an outcome, they become the positive change-agent of the society

To Nurture Holistic Development (Cognitive, Physical, Moral, Social, Ideological, Spiritual development) of Children

A special emphasis on female education and teacher development.

Currently, The major initiatives throughout the system include:

Provision of ECD

Child centered interactive classes

The improvement of physical infrastructure

Teachers training through CERD Centre of Educational research and development

Our process

GCT activities under GCT Hilal School comprise of the following:

Identification of communities and localities that are in need of schools through field surveys
Establishment of school building and infrastructure; Schools furnishing; Providing schools course material, books, uniforms, bags, stationary, shoes and other school supplies;
Providing schools course material, uniforms, and other supplies as well as providetraining and development of professional and dedicated teachers, preferably belonging to the same community

Meetings with communities’ elders and parents for their involvement in educational process highlighting the importance of education and training; to encourage continuous educational process of children at homes with emphasis on moral upbringing of students;

Career counseling and guidance to students who graduates from GCT Hilal School

Educate a child

PKR 1,150/- per month

Educate a child

PKR 13,800/- per annum

Open School at Rented Site

PKR 1,000,000/-

Open a Purpose-Built School

PKR 25,000,000/-

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